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Use CallSights with your CRM to increase your productivity

Caller Preview and Screen Popping

Display the caller's details as the call arrives.
Our Preview window shows you the caller's details from your contacts quickly and discretely as a call arrives.

Screen popping allows the contact's record to be opened automatically on incoming call, or manually via a click on the CRM icon.

Save time and provide a more cohesive service to callers.


Dial directly from your applications.
A wide range of click-to-dial methods are available including webpage, clipboard, application, screen read or simple TAPI.

Make calls directly from your business system and other places where you store telephone numbers.

Dial more efficiently, improve accuracy and save time.

Address Book

Search for numbers even when your CRM isn't loaded
Our Address Book tool allows you search your company contacts through a simple user interface.

Call directly from the search results or even pop directly to the record in your CRM.

Save time and reduce frustration.

Add Contacts

Quickly create new contacts during the call
Easily create contact records in your CRM during the call and share this data with your colleagues.

Add your caller's name and other basic details quickly and without losing focus on them.

Be more efficient, and improve your accuracy.

Use CallSights with
your CRM to increase your productivity

Integrates to many popular CRMs

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